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01 July 2009 @ 04:51 pm
So let's see. Last time I updated was the 15th. I guess I'll talk about what's been going on since then.

Well, on the 18th (a Thursday), Jesie and I and a bunch of our friends all went out for Chinese food before biking to the bar we've been to a few times. I didn't finish the one drink I had--it really takes effort for me to be motivated enough to stomach alcohol. Tastes gross. Anyway, it was still pretty fun. We went to McDonald's afterwards and I went to Jesie's at the end of the night (or should I say early morning? we got home at around 4:30, haha). All in all a fun night. I of course took photos; I've got a LOT to catch up on uploading to facebook for this month. I should do that soon.

That Friday, Jesie, Andrew, Viet and I all went to see Transformers 2. I'm sure anyone reading this has already heard about the reviews it got, so I won't get too into details. It was alright. It was good if you didn't overthink it and compare it to the first one too much. But quite obviously excessive. I think that's the best word to describe it. Excessive. But again, it wasn't TERRIBLE in my opinion, so I didn't mind it much.

Hm. So, fast-forward to the night of the 25th. Another Thursday. Perkins had his friend Ben visiting from around the 17th thru the 26th, and on the 25th he joined Perkins, Jesie, Brando, myself and a few other people for karaoke and stuff at a cyber cafe in town. That was actually my first time doing karaoke. It was quite fun, and I took a LOT of photos. Again, once I get up to date with uploading them to facebook I'll be able to post links to them here, hopefully.

Anyway. So, the Friday morning after that, Perkins, Jesie, Ben and I all went to lunch at an Indian restaurant in town called Jewel of India. It was Ben's last meal in Japan (or at least in Tsukuba) so it was fun but sad that we had to see him go. He wasn't here too long but he definitely made friends with all of us.

After Jesie and I finished a 5-page paper that we had due by midnight on Friday, we got some sleep and then met up Saturday morning to head to Kamakura (a city about 40 miles south of Tokyo) for a trip to the beach. I hadn't been swimming in an ocean in YEARS so I was excited (even though Perkins and Brando said it wasn't a good beach--Jesie and I think they must have gone to a different area or hadn't gone close enough to the water to be able to really tell, because we liked it fine). We had a great time, and I was happy she was able to join me since none of our other friends could or wanted to go. After we went swimming we ate at a place called Freshness Buger for lunch, which was reeeally delicious--though, I got 7up to drink, which I was excited about until I realized that half of my cup was ice. :( Oh well. Overall it was a nice trip, and we met a guy named Neil who was 38 and from Iowa and needed help getting back to where he was staying in Tokyo. I didn't get a photo of him, but he had really bright blue eyes, and he completely won a dispute he was having with some random blonde girl that took over our conversation. (Sometimes it's really annoying running into other foreigners here, believe it or not.)

Sooo. Then, this past Sunday I went to see Mike for the last time. We had breakfast at Denny's and then went to his apartment and hung out. He tried teaching me a card game and how to play the song from the end of Juno on the guitar, and we watched Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. Afterwards we went to dinner at a place called Joyfull (yes, with two Ls). It was raining by the evening, so once we were done we decided to just part ways there instead of making him walk me back to the train station. I asked for his address, so hopefully I can write to him sometime once I'm back home. So, this was the ending of our brief relationship. I'm glad it could end on a positive note, though. Most breakups are much more painful.

Anyway... Since then, the only thing I've really been up to is school. I had my last 3 finals and 1 paper due this week; I just finished for good about an hour ago. Now all that's left to do is go to dinner with friends tonight, bring my health insurance card to the town office in the morning, move out of my room tomorrow afternoon (with Andrew's help :D), get dinner tomorrow night with him and whoever else (since Andrew will be busy Friday night)... Then on Friday I'll be hanging out (and getting dinner) with Jesie, Derek, Perkins and hopefully Beejal and Masayasu. Saturday I head to the bus station at Tsukuba Center with Jesie and Perkins at around 1pm and they'll see me off. :) 5:30 is my flight back home!