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27 May 2009 @ 09:40 pm

(My excuse for writing this is that I am taking a break from my photo project. And that I haven't updated in like...11 days? So, yeah. Here's an update. :D)


So, a week before this past Monday (i.e. May 18th) I met up with someone from a dating website that I'm on. His name is Mike; he's 25 and from LA. He's living in (and teaching English in) one of the next towns over, so he took a bus to come and meet me. We got subway for dinner and walked around the park and stuff until he had to leave. He came to visit me again this past Saturday, and we went out to lunch and dinner at two different Mexican restaurants (the first being a small place and really good; the second being a chain and too expensive and not nearly as good). We also walked around the park again, went to the arcade briefly, got dippin' dots, and watched a couple movies in my room.

Anyway. So I'm seeing him again on Friday--this time I'll be the one going to his place, and he's going to try and (at least start to) teach me how to play the guitar while I'm there. I'm not really sure if we're technically dating yet (he and I will discuss it on Friday), but I hope we are. Granted I'm leaving very soon, but I think it would be nice to at least get to spend time with him while I have the chance.

So. That's pretty much the only major update I have, actually. The only other thing I've really got on my mind right now is this stupid photo project that's due tomorrow that I'm still trying to finish. Agh. We're supposed to pick a painting and then try and copy it as a photograph (with editing in photoshop allowed and encouraged, of course). Actually, here. I'll post images of Mike; him near the koi fish at the pond; the painting I'm using for this project; and the photo I've taken and am editing for this project. But keep in mind I think it sucks, so don't expect anything amazing. :P

Mike while we were at the park:

The Vermeer painting I'm using for the photo project:

And my photo for the project (still in the process of editing):   Okay, so here's the final. I give up, I'm done.